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Mini Breakers 2017 Registration form and Medical Release

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The Brookfield Swim Club provides two swim team programs:

Brookfield Mini Breakers

Brookfield Breakers

The Brookfield Swim Team conducts swim assessments prior to the start of the summer swim season to assist the coaches in determining placement into either the Breakers or the Mini Breakers. Swim assessments are mandatory for all swimmers who are new to the Breakers. In addition, all swimmers 8 and under are required to attend swim assessments.

Brookfield Mini Breakers will have the opportunity to learn and strengthen the four swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, and butterfly) with our junior coaches three days a week in the main pool. Mini Breakers do not participate in either the NVSL Saturday A meets or the WFDL Monday B meets. They will participate in "Lollipop" races held throughout the swim team season. Mini Breakers should be able to swim in the pool without a parent, and be comfortable swimming with and without a kickboard. 

The Brookfield Breakers compete in the competitive Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) each Saturday morning. In addition, the Brookfield Breakers swim against other Western Fairfax Division League (WFDL) swimming pools during our Monday night developmental meets. All Brookfield Breakers are encouraged to swim in the Monday night developmental meets. Participation on the Breaker swim team requires that a swimmer must be able to swim unassisted the full 25m length of the pool (the swimmer may not touch/hang on the lane line, touch the bottom of the pool or the side of the pool). There are many swimmers in the pool at one time and safety is our ultimate goal. Swim team practices will focus on conditioning exercises, in and out of the water, as well as strengthening swimming techniques. Daily practice times are separated based on age and begin Memorial Day weekend.

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